CellProfiler   CellProfiler Bugs

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Measure Object Neighbors Error (13)
Run error on Windows - Java not found (2)
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Overlay Outlines Colors (3)
Pipeline Error cellprofiler (2)
Filenames issue in Cellprofiler 3.0 on Windows (11)
IdentifyPrimaryObjects 3D (6)
CP 3.0 seeded watershed bug (1)
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CP3.0: Spline smoothing in CorrectIlluminationCalculate: possibly wrong last row and column (6)
Crop module error (7)
Incompatibility CP 2.2 vs 3.0 Windows 10 (3)
Unable to start cell profiler 3.0.0 in Windows 10 (5)
3.0.0rc5 Won't Start up on PC (8)
Win exe build wx error (8)
CP 3.0.0rc1 and OMERO 5.3.1, Ice.UnmarshalOutOfBoundsException (7)
Broken Modules for Rescale Intensity and MaskImage (3)
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GUI flickering on parameter changes (2)
Exporting to SQLite and overwriting Presults (8)
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