Job Opportunities and Conference Announcements

Nucleus segmentation data challenge, with prizes! (1)
Image analyst job opening at Novartis, Emeryville, CA (1)
BioImage Analyst at Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (1)
Bioimage Analyst conference Jan 31-Feb 2 (1)
Contract research organizations offering CellProfiler-related services (3)
Job at EMBL-EBI in Cambridge UK (Bioinformatician position) (1)
Software Engineer for machine vision assisted connectomics @ HHMI Janelia (1)
Can you spare 5 minutes for the CellProfiler team and submit an image of nuclei? (2)
Machine learning/image analysis position @ Cytomine not-for-profit cooperative (1)
Recursion is looking for a talented Data Scientist (1)
Recursion is looking for a Principal Scientist eager to make a huge impact in a short period of time… (1)
TT faculty position in computational biology: Brown U in Providence RI (1)
Karolinska Institute seeking postdoc for cancer bio research! (1)
Faculty Positions in Biological Data Sciences at NC State (2)
Job opportunity for postdoc to do HTS at Janssen (1)
Call for annotated images! Have you outlined nuclei lately? (1)
SBI2's High Content 2017 conference Sept 13-15 San Diego (3)
Postdoc position available at Janssen Pharm, focus on immunology and IFC (1)
Boston Based Confocal Imaging Specialist Role (1)
A full-time MSc or PhD in image analysis and quantification, GIGA – Imaging Platform (Liège, Belgium) (1)
Become a Scientific Writer at the Broad (1)
Pfizer - High Content Imaging Technology Specialist (1)
Image Analysis Engineer job at the Salk Institute (1)
CellProfiler Team is hiring! Apply today for postdoc position! (1)
Free microscopy workshop at Yale June 6-7! (1)
BioImage Analysis Training workshop in Sweden Sept 11-14! (1)
Imaging Flow Cytometry workshop Boston June 10th (1)
USC looking for microscopy image analysis candidates! (1)
Many openings: biology/data science at Recursion Pharma (1)
Postdoc position at Francis Crick Institute in London (1)