A Pipeline Function To Exclude Images with Low Object Identification from Analysis?


Hi all :coffee:

I need help! Is there a function which excludes images with low child object identification from analysis?

I’m looking at child primary objects within parent primary objects (metaphase chromosomes). My child primary objects usually number around ~160 per metaphase spread.

What I’ve realized is that my pipeline can’t distinguish the metaphase chromosomes when they happen to be close together AND overlapping with a nuclei.

The result of these circumstances is usually 1-4 chromosomes identified, <20 child primary objects identified, and the rest of the chromosomes not identified. Is there a way to exclude these images, which haven’t properly identified all chromosomes (and thus the child objects), by a pipeline function?

Thanks so much for reading… I’m brand new to this software and forum! Not sure what other information to include… cheer!



Yup! You can use the FlagImage module, which will allow you to exclude images based on any given measurement taken in the pipeline to that point.

Good luck!