All objects yellow - are there to many?


I am trying to detect mitochondria. I use simple treshold to produce binary image and then I select primary objects with manual treshold 0.5. It works in version 2.2(ubuntu 16 LTS), in version 3 (ubunty 14 LTS) I get 0 objects. All the detected objects have yellow bondary - I guess it is because the max number of objects is exceeded, it is not problem with touching of the boundaries. In CP2.2 I get thousands. Could you give me an advice what to do?
I guess but I am not sure that I already faced similar problem with with CP2.2, so acceptance of higher number of objects by CP2 could be a result of some tinkering. But I cannot find any tips what should be changed. thank you


What commit/tag are you using in 3.0? It sounds similar to a bug that has since been fixed but I can’t say whether or not that’s your issue without more information.