C++ assertion Error CP 3.0



I updated recently CP to 3.0. I have a message error that I never encountered before.
It looks it happens during the ExportToSpreadsheet:

I saw a similar topic Assertion error on start-up. Apparently, closing the eye solved the problem in this case. However, in my case, closing them does not solve it.

This is pretty annoying as it stops the overall processing from going any further. A quick fix would be to disable any error message from popping up. Is it possible?

CP 3.0
Windows 10


I figured out that by reducing the size of the dataset, the error was not showing up anymore. But it is not ideal as my dataset is typically of 5000 images. I need to sample it to 800-image subsets no to run into the error. I don’t think I ever encountered this kind of problem on CP2.2.



I’ve noticed this a few times too; the problem is that it seems to show up sporadically during an analysis run, which makes it hard to troubleshoot. I’ve reported it as a bug though, and our software engineers will try to get on the case!