Can cell profiler be used with .iex or .csv data sets?


Hi there,

I’m brand new to Cell Profiler, and trying to see if it will work for my needs.

Our flow cytometers have no image data of our samples, but instead produce graphs. If I could load graphs of, say FSC-H by SSC-H data into the profiler, I’d be interested if this program could automatically draw a live/dead cell gate after some training. But so far, even after converting pictures of the graphs to .png files, I can’t upload them.

Our program outputs files in either .iex or .csv. Why can’t I upload converted .png images?



Interesting idea…

And I’m surprises if you can’t load png. Can you try other format? like .jpeg or .tiff ?

Can you view the image normally outside CellProfiler?

Is there a specific character in the file? Try not to use any space, any number first, we’ll fix them later.