Cannot load file as image: Errno 22


I am running a pipeline in CellProfiler 2.2.0 but whenever I try to analyse my image set it gives me the error that it cannot load my files as image. The images are .TIFFs and have worked before.

Sometimes the pipeline does work (with no rhyme or reason as to why) but does not save the outputs. Sometimes I get an error saying “unrecoverable cannot save files”, others the files just do not appear in my specified output location.

The pipeline with images saved within it are below. Any recommendations would be really appreciated!
FinalIllumination_06022017_MyInput2p.cpproj (1.8 MB)


Hi there,

Can you try rename the file “assay development_J0…” into something like “assay_development_…” (without space)
And retry again?

The file you attached contain only a pipeline though, there’s no image yet.



Hi Minh,

Thanks for the reply.

I tried removing the space and that did not work. It turned out to be that the files had been corrupted during transfer!