Colozalization of infected L6 muscle cells with T. gondii



Hi All,

I’m currently an undergraduate doing research on L6 muscle cells that were incubated with 2-NDBG, a glucose uptake indicator, and were infected with a red fluorescent tagged T. gondii strain. My cells were stained with cellmask and gfp. I’m relatively new to using CellProfiler and I’m finding it difficult in making a pipeline to analyze my images.

Here are my pictures taken manually with Cytation 3. I know some of these images aren’t the greatest:

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hello and welcome,

To get you started, I made here an example pipeline, example.cpproj (130.1 KB)
Please keep in mind that all the settings are left nearly default, thus you have plenty of room to practice. We really encourage our users to first explore the software. We’ll be glad to help if there’re issues :slight_smile:

Good luck.