Contract research organizations offering CellProfiler-related services


Hello everyone!
As you may know, the CellProfiler team offers an Annual Support and Training Plan ( for those of you wanting extensive or confidential help. Email for more info on that.

(Hint: even if you do not need much help but appreciate the software with no license fees, this would be a nice way to support our continued work on CellProfiler :heart:)

Now, sometimes people contact us who want a defined contract for services, or some kind of consulting arrangement. Let’s make a list here of companies who offer CellProfiler-related services and are available for hire. Go!


Two thumbs up for this call! I highly recommend your support plan :slight_smile: And for people that require commercial
support and maintenance, BioDataAnalysis GmbH is a Munich-based company with extensive experience
in CellProfiler image analysis.

We have a large set of ready-made extensions for many custom assays or specific tasks (intensity flat field
correction, data normalization, data format conversion, image compression, stitching and many others). We
also provide help with custom tasks, like porting modules between CellProfiler versions etc. And based on
our open source workflow manager, researchers could already analyze hundreds of terabytes of images from
high content screens, with many hundreds of image features extracted.

Contact us at if you are interested.



My company’s name is Soma Scientific Consulting, LLC. I specialize in building custom CellProfiler pipelines to perform skeletal muscle histological analyses. I can also perform custom analyses on cell culture myotube images, western blot images, and other image types.

I have published a number of peer-reviewed articles in this area using CellProfiler modules in a high-throughput, reliable, and valid manner for a variety of aims including, but not limited to:

  1. Muscle Fiber Cross-Sectional Area (all fiber types)

  2. Myonuclei number

  3. Satellite cell number

  4. Fiber-type specific data pertaining to the above data (i.e., fiber csa, fiber-type nuclear counts per fiber, fiber-type satellite cell counts)

  5. Protein expression (both fiber-type specific and overall)

I am available for both consulting and contract work at an hourly rate, or custom pricing based on the specific job.

Please contact me directly at if you would like to schedule a phone call or Google Hangout to go over your specific job.

Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you!