CP for Light Sheet, etc., BIG DATA Imaging



Dear Community,

Would you be so kind to estimate a possible usage of CP with light sheet images or other Big Data (roughly >= 1 TB)?
Sorry for the very unspecific and broad question. Now, I am developing suggestions for future plans in the implementation of imaging analysis technologies, e.g. for the following 3-4 years in our institute. How CP can be more or better competitive in comparison with ArivisVision https://www.arivis.com/en/imaging-science/arivis-vision4d

Thank you in advance for your response,


Well in one sense we’re more competitive in that we’re free :wink:

But in seriousness, that’s something we’re definitely thinking about; there are some threading issues that apparently need to be solved first, but support for larger-than-memory file analysis is definitely on our radar and our list of things we’d like to add. I’m not on the software engineering team (though I can chat with them about it), so I can’t comment conclusively on when or if support for super huge images will be added, but knowing there’s enthusiasm for us to do so always helps!