Differentiating neurons from dendrites


Hi there,

I’m trying to count fluorescent cells in various parts of the hippocampus, but I have some problems with differentiating between neurons and dendrites. I am interested in the number of fluorescent neurons that are present, but my CellProfiler pipeline also detects some dendrites (which were also a bit labeled by the fluorescent marker that I used) and I can’t seem to get rid of these.

Can anybody help me with this? Attached are both one of the images I am trying to analyse, as well as the pipeline I am currently using.

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TdTomato Lennart.cpproj (513.3 KB)



Can you please upload image again with bit depth either 8 or 16?



I tried it, saving it on my computer as 8 bit or 16 bit depth works fine but if I try to upload it here I get an error message saying ‘We cannot determine the size of the image, it might be compromised’…



I can’t open it either. Is it possible to share with me with Google Drive?