Error message when trying to open Cellprofiler Tracer


I have been using Cellprofiler Tracer for a couple of months now and observed how well my cells have been traced. This has worked fine for me until recently when Im no longer able to start CellProfiler Tracer anymore.
Instead I get this error message:

An error occurred in the program:
IndexError: list index out of range

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 282, in launch_tracer
File “cpa\tracer.pyc”, line 1276, in init
File “cpa\tracer.pyc”, line 2216, in generate_graph

Im using ExportToDatabase and then SQLite as the database file. Previously, when Ive successfully been able to open Cellprofiler Tracer, Ive only done measurements on 1 image-channel. However, now Im doing measurements on 2 image-channels which results in the error message when im trying to open the Tracer. Im not sure this has to do anything with the error but it might be a clue. Thankful for any help!


Are you still able to open it on old files you know used to work? That’ll narrow it down to a problem in your installation vs a problem in your new files.


Thanks for the reply!
Yes, I can still open the old files in CellProfiler Tracer. So I guess the problem lies in the new files.


In that case, if you could post the pipeline + images that made a file that DID work and pipeline + images that made files that didn’t that’d be the next thing needed to troubleshoot this.