How to find knowledge in CP Forum?


Hello everyone!

Some time ago I’ve started a new image processing project and obviously the first thing to do is to search the place where brilliant minds meet the powerfull software - yes, I mean this place :smiley:

That got me thinking. How can this process be made faster, easier and more complete? Obviously there is the option of text searching but in some cases it is difficult or even impossible as the description usually follow the concrete usage cases and is not about what the images look like.

It may be the case that application that one work on is fairly unique - so the text search will yield nothing. However the imagery that is used may have features similar to something else that is well described and easily segmentable in CellProfiler.

What one would like to do in this situation is to take a quick look at all images in CP forum and see if any of them is somewhat similar. Then with one click one would get to the thread where this imagery is used.

The more advanced option would be to employ some google image search but that might be overkill.

What do you think about this idea?


Super cool idea! I suspect it’s not easy to implement such an idea but it definitely would be useful.
We are hoping to someday combine the ImageJ & CellProfiler forums into a single one, this would be an awesome feature.

I also hope that someday you could drag and drop your image to a website and it recommends to you a deep learning model to process your images :slight_smile:


I feel pretty optimistic about it and think that actually it will not be a lot of work. I will first check if there are any free tools to do that.

Also who is the expert / maintainer of this forum? (so I can bother him/her when I get to some conclusions?)


Nice ! but…

I agree with Anne it’s not too easy, at least in this year. If you often use Google Image search >> “Search by image” for similar images, you’d already knew it’s challenging to get the search result right. And here we have biological images, not daily photography…

Saying that is not to discourage the excellent suggestion though ! We’re thankful if you can help us look for solutions.

You are also very much welcome to share cool ideas with any of us, either by a post/thread like this or by message. Depends on what is the core component of the ideas, e.g. IT stuffs, or CSS or Java etc…, we can redirect you to the right persons.