Install error Mac OS X



I am trying to install cell profiler on my macbook air, but it does not seem to work. I follow the steps specified on the Cell profiler website; download and install the Java SE development kit (JDK) and then download cell profiler. However, when I try to open the application, it shows an error and gives me the option to either terminate it or open a ‘warning console’. I am not sure how to fix this problem and how to get the app working. Any advice is appreciated!


What version of OSX? Can you post the error from the terminal? Thanks.


Thanks for your quick reply! I’m using OSX 10.9.5. When I open cell profiler, this shows up:


The current version of CellProfiler only works on OSX 10.10+. You’ll have to download version 2.1.1 from our previous releases page. Sorry!


Dear CellProfiler experts,

I have the same problem as above with the crash message just after starting the stable version of cell profiler. My OSX is 10.11.6 (El Capitain) and Java is version 8 update 131. Mac is a PowerMac4.1
I will try later to run CellProfiler on my MacBook to test if it makes a difference.


Can you make sure you have an up-to-date Java and JDK installed? Links are at the top of the CellProfiler downloads page.


Yes, that was the problem! The Java was up-to-date, but JDK installation was missing.

Now, the program works, thank you!


Hi! I’m having the same problem as above (running mac 10.12). I installed the JDK from the link on the top of the downloads page, but I realized that I have Java 9 not Java 8. Does Cell Profiler work with java 9?


Hopefully someone can answer. I will just chime in to say I’m running the beta version (rc7) just fine on 10.12 with Java 8. I could try to update to 9 if we need someone local on the team to test things. Though I’m flying through the air right now so downloading times might be impaired.


Thanks! I just switched to 8 and it started working, so I’m assuming it just doesn’t work on 9. I had the JDK and everything up to date for Java 9 when I first tried. (I tried the beta version and the stable version).