Kiss and Run Analysis


I will need some help to see whether it’s possible to use CellProfiler to do a “Kiss and Run” type of analysis for two fluorescence-channel (red and green colors) time-lapse 2D imaging data. The red cells will attach to the green cells at some time point, remain there for some time, then move along. The green cells will eventually die and lose its green signal. I will really appreciate any help on how to do the “kiss and run” analysis to characterize cell movement kinetics such as how many red cells touch the green cells and for how long. Thank you!


It seems to me that this would be possible (using IdentifyPrimaryObjects to identify your different color cells, MaskObjects to determine if there’s overlap, and maybe TrackObjects if you wanted to actually track the movement of the green and/or red cells over time). Give it a try (maybe starting with our example pipeline for tracking ), and if you run into specific issues in your pipeline we can usually help you debug them.

Good luck!