Loading CZI and process channels



I did load and CZI (400 frames, 2 Channels) into CP 2.1 and used Groups to assign each channel to one group. But now I am stack a bit. The idea is rather simple, I want to do some image math, e.g. channel1 divided by channel 2.
But I do not see how to specify the two channels in the image math module? What am I missing, since I bet the solution is actually quite easy…

Cheers, Sebastian


Hi guys,

I think I figured it out. Under NamesAndTypes one can use Metadata to assign channels to certain images. I just overlooked this possibility.
The pipeline is attached.

Thanks, Sebi
Ratio_CZI_One_File.cpproj (239 KB)

Splitting channels in multichannel .czi images

Hi Sebi,

Good to see you figured it out!

For future reference (for you or anyone else who might come across this page), we’ve posted a tutorial on loading image stacks and movies here.