Looking for best way to analyze the image


Hi All,
I am new to do this, can you let me know if there is a way to analyze the attached images? or does anybody provide a service for analyzing such images (bmp/jpg format)? I have several that I need to analyze and compare. Thanks so much

If you are unable to open the link, please email me (snalur@gmail.com) and I can send it by e-mail.



Hello there,

You can try to :

  • Enhance the contrast of the droplets by subtracting the original image with its inverted version: (image - 1/image)
  • Identify the droplets on the enhanced contrast picture

To get you started, here is an example pipeline droplets.cpproj (639.7 KB)

Please fine tune the perimeters and the threshold, this is just an example.

Good luck.