Minimum lifetime filter


Hi, I have a question regarding the TrackingObjects module. My goal is to retain only cell labels if a cell was tracked for the full 25 timepoints. If I set a minimum lifetime filter to 25 timepoints, I lose all cell labels even though I see that a majority of cells are tracked (I see this in the column Track Object lifetime = 25 for most tracks). If I set the minimum lifetime filter to 24, I retain all cells including labels that were tracked either 24 or 25 time points, so here I am getting expected results. Any ideas on what is happening is highly appreciated!


That definitely sounds like a bug. Can you send over (via zip file, Dropbox, etc) a movie and a pipeline to help our software engineers validate the problem and to have something they can test fixes on? Thanks.


So at least in my hands, what you’re saying isn’t quite accurate; if minimum lifetime is set to 24, I only get objects that have a lifetime of 25- see frame 25 object 276, for example. This is actually borne out by the help text, which states for the minimum criteria:

Enter the minimum number of frames an object is permitted to persist. Objects which last this number of frames or lower are filtered out.

So the ‘Minimum’ isn’t really a minimum allowed, it’s the maximum disallowed (and maximum apparently works the same way). I personally find that super confusing and have opened up a discussion to try to change that behavior in the next release of the software; hopefully we can get that to happen. In the meantime, the good news is that for now you can just set your ‘Minimum’ value to one less than the number of frames in your movie and you’ll get the data you want.


OK, now I understand. I reran the pipeline once more and get, like you said, 25 timeframe tracks using minimum lifetime filter 24. Thanks for clarifying that.