New cellprofiler analyst user, how to start?


I have been using CP (cell profiler) for the last couple of days, I were able to get very good results and I fill that using the examples provided in the website I was able to get an excellent handle after only a few days of learning, thank you.
However, my problem starts when I prepare my data for CPA (cell profiler analyst). I couldn’t find a helpfull tutorial on how exactly to prepre properties file using CP for further classification with CPA. Do I need MySQL for creating properties file? Could you please direct me to a more elaborate and complete tutorial explains better the transition between CP to CPA.

Thank so much for creating these tools,


You don’t need MySQL, but you will need to use some sort of a database (SQLite works well if you don’t have MySQL already set up).

You may want to look at the Translocation example workflow on our website, which has CP and CPA components to it.

I’m glad the software is generally working out for you!