New CP2 for Mac does not read C01 files anymore


Hi all,
The older CP2 used to read .C01 files even in the version for Mac. In the newest version it does not work anymore. Any suggestions? (The windows version reads C=1 files fine).
Thank you.


Can you give us some more information? The version that used to work for you, the version you’re attempting to use now, an uploaded (either directly here or somewhere like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc) example file, and what precisely isn’t working about it (not loading? not giving you any metadata at all? giving you incorrect metadata?) would be helpful for diagnosis.


Dear Beth,

thank you for your reply. I attach a screen shot of the error message and one C01 file for you to test. I am using the 2.2.0 version on a brand new iMac (MacOS Sierra 10.12.3). Previously, the old CP1 was able to handle the C01 files. I am not sure exaclty which version it was but I think the last one before the 2.0.

My colleague here at the University of helsinki is telling me that in the windows machines the CP2.2.0 can handle the C01 files just fine.

Hope this helps, I really would need to use CP again :slight_smile:



Giuseppe Balistreri


Hey, it doesn’t look like the C01 attachment went through. Can you try again, and if not maybe try using dropbox/google drive etc?


Hi Beth,

the image is definitely there but the forum software (or the chrome browser?) doesn’t know how to display it.

Here’s the same image as a PNG:

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Sorry, I was unclear- I had asked you to upload a .C01 image so that we could troubleshoot with it on our end on why it couldn’t open- is that something you’d be able to do? Thanks.


Hi Beth,

not the original poster, but I have a vested interest in this.

I found some C01 files here: but I haven’t tested them. If I remember, you want the *d[0-2].C01 files, not the *o1.C01 as these contain an overlay of the cell outlines determined by the VTI software.

If these aren’t good, I will ask my colleagues if I can upload some of their files.

Kind regards,


Dear all,

Sorry for my delay. It appeared that the problem was not with the Cellprofiler but with the CO1 files that during export got somehow corrupted. This had not come into my mind earlier but after testing everything I decided to take the files again from the machine connected to the microscope. Now everything works again. Cellprofiler2 can analyze the .C01 files just fine.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,


Giuseppe Balistreri