Object Dissection: Upper vs Lower Quartile


Hello all. I am curious how an object is dissected by CP. Are there any images that help to show this? Mainly i am interested in upperquartile vs lowerquartile. If i have a circle, is it split into four quadrants or two? If so, which is top and which is bottom.

Thanks, Lee


Are you referring to some of the Intensity measurements that are labeled Upper and Lower Quartile? Those don’t come from the splitting the object into physical quadrants, it refers to the 25th percent brightest and 75th percent brightest pixel in the object.

If I’m not understanding your question properly, please feel free to elaborate.


Haha. Thanks for answering my naive question.


No problem, happy to help! You can also always check the help settings for the module if you have questions how a particular metric is measured or what precisely it means- we try to be pretty explicit about where exactly the numbers come from.