Problem counting yeast colonies



I am trying the pipeline for counting yeast colonies from your website (ExampleYeastColonyPIPE.mat). I changed the cropping method to use a monochrome bitmap image as shape. The cropping seems to work fine but in the next step I get the following error: “There was a problem running the analysis module IdentifyPrimAutomatic which is number 05. Error using ==> and Matrix dimensions must agree”. Can somebody tell me what this error means and how to fix it?

The pipeline that I am using is the following:

The images of the plate (to be analysed) are .jpg format (color).




So you are loading a single image which is the same size as your yeast colony image, then cropping by the single image? Are you identifying from the right image in the ident module? I’ll need more info to help you.




Thanks for your answer. I made the black and white image from the actual image that I want to have analysed, so I am quite sure the dimensions are the same. And the Ident module indeed uses the file that was cropped (I double checked).

I did find a way not to use the cropping based on the bw-image that is more convenient for me (using the cropping method by mouse), so it is not urgent to look into this problem.

Thanks again,