Project is not saving



I recently built a test-pipeline, and used File > Save Project As… to save my project. However, when I re-opened the project, I received the following message: Error Opening Project, could not open file:…etc.

Please let me know what I can do differently.

Thank you!


That’s very strange, I’ve never come across anything like that before. Without being able to reproduce it or without the full error message, I’m not sure how to help troubleshoot that. To be extra sure you don’t lose your pipeline, you can export the pipeline (as opposed to the project) with File->Export->Pipeline before saving the project and exiting, but that shouldn’t be strictly necessary.

If the issue pops up again, feel free to reply with more information and we’ll do what we can to help you sort it out!


Hi bcimini,

Thank you! I will try that and let you know.