Reduce the number of fields in Per_Image table


I have a pipeline which loads images (illumHoechst, illumER, illumSyto, …), then loads the correction matrices (illumHoechstcorrect, illumERcorrect, illumSytocorrect, …) via LoadImages and applies them to the original images with CorrectIlluminationApply, resulting in Hoechst, ER, Syto… .
I have noticed that the information on the original images, in which I am not really interested, is still written to the database. The Per_Image table contains fields such as Image_FileName_IllumHoechst, Image_Height_IllumHoechst, Image_MD5Digest_illumHoechst.
Is there an option to tell CellProfiler to write less image information into the Per_Image table?

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While ExportToSpreadsheet allows you pretty fine-grained choice over which columns to include, there really isn’t a way to do this for ExportToDatabase. Sorry!


Ok, at least then I can stop looking for the checkbox :wink:
Thanks for the fast answer (again)!
Would an ExportToSql module which exports to an sql file instead of a csv spreadsheet an option for the future?

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ExportToDatabase can write directly to SQL (also SQLite). Is there something else that you meant?


Sorry, I did not see the “MySQL / CSV” option in the ExportToDatabase module before. This is exactly, what I meant, I will look into that.

Many thanks again for your help.

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