Save Experiments module not working



I’m trying to save experiments with the " save experiments " module. It says it saved my files at the end of the pipeline but they don’t show up anywhere. Even when I try to open them from excel, they seem non-existent. Any help appreciated, thanks!:slight_smile:



Which version of CellProfiler are you using? I’m not so familiar with “save experiments” . Probably you meant “ExportToSpreadsheets” ?


Yes I meant export to spreadsheets, sorry Bout that.


Can you be more specific then:

  • It’s best you show us your pipeline. If not, can you explain which measurements did you have? like measure size, shape?
  • Which objects or images you want to export? did you have any objects being identified?
  • Your settings of default output folder, was it in a location that is writable?

Some of many reasons may not be an error from CP itself.