"Show Selected Image" bug if white space within filename



I’m sorry if this issue is already reported but I couln’t find (quickly) any post refering to it, so…

Briefly, I can’t open an image from the dataset if it has “white space” in the filename.
(cf image below)

if the file name has no space, the images can be opened (either composite or RGB)
as soon as it has a white space, I get a “File open Error” with %20 instead of white space.

A Work around for the moment is to rename the filenames but maybe it could be solved.





Unfortunately CellProfiler does not like spacing. Only possible way to get around this problem is by changing image file names and avoid spacing.



This has also been fixed in the master codebase; we should have a new release coming out in the next few days you can download that does not have this issue.


Thank you for your answers !
I’m glad to read it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:
Thank you again for making this great tool available!