Staining signal segregation


Hello There,
I stained my cells with two antibodies which have the same fluorochrome (green color). The signal from the first antibody looks like small spot, while the other one which is a cell surface marker looks like big circus surrounds the cells.
Is there any module that can segregate the signal?
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Can you re-upload your image so we can have a better view?

In general:

  • if the 2 signals were already identified, you can use MeasureSizeShape then FilterObjects based on the size to separate them.
  • If they are not identified yet, you can use EnhanceOrSupressFeatures in which you enhance the little dots, so that they can be identified easier.

Good luck.



Now I can detect the big circular signal apart from the small dot depending on size exclusion. My problem now that the detection of the small dot is problematic while some big circles are detected as a cluster of small dots.


Hi there,

A quick fix for such issue is to adjust manually “size of smoothing filter” and “distance between local maxima

Set these numbers bigger than the size of your small dots would help.