What kind of computer configuration is suitable for Cellprofiler


I have been thinking about purchasing a new computer to perform image analysis. My old Dell computer is intel Quad Core cpu(i5-2400), 3.10GHZ and 4.0GB of RAM. I have a series of TIF files (usually over 150 images) approximately 1.0 MB in size and I have 2 channels for each image(300 images total ). my old computer always compute slowly, resulting in costing too much time. So I am wondering what would configuration is optional for image analysis by Cellprofiler . By the way, money is not a problem but Mac is out of the question.

I know cluster computing would be a best way, but every image need visual inspection because of EditObjectsManually mudule was added in the Pipeline.

Thanks very much,


Hi Shawn.

Did you figure it out? I’m facing a similar question here.